Thursday 2 March 2017

Leadership Starts From Within

The global recession, directly or indirectly, will impact leadership - yours, your market, your competition, your region and, yes, your nation. Why?

Because leadership is ubiquitous. It is all around us. It is of primary importance. Yet, it is seemingly underserved, undervalued and under resourced. Need some proof?

According to the Development Dimensions International 's Global Leadership Forecast 2008/09 (1) from research of 1493 HR professionals and 12,208 business leaders across 76 countries:

75% of business leaders identified that improving or leveraging of leadership talent was their #1 priority.
Only 41% of business leaders are satisfied with the help they get to develop leadership capabilities.
One of the core needs within organizations is to create a sustainable supply of quality leaders.
The primary skill shortfall amongst organizations is in leadership skills and interpersonal skills.
Leadership is a leaking bucket. All organizations, large and small, from the family to local sport team to government to the boardroom of a leading global company, will at some time need to replace leaders. This arises from necessity and/or from natural attrition. From the information above, there is clearly a pervasive problem or, in a more positive tone, there is an opportunity - an opportunity to address this chronic shortcoming. How?

Start with yourself. Leadership starts from within.